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Second Saturday Psychic Fest was added in 2007, to give all our customers an opportunity to enjoy a greater variety of consultants and modalities. We have discovered over the course of time how many talented people there are to be found locally. So in the spirit of expanding awareness we felt this would be a great opportunity for consultants and customers alike. Although many of these people are new to Styx & Stonz, they are all experienced readers and we can highly recommend all of them.
Psychic Fair Hours 11:30am - 5:00pm
Our LAST SATURDAY PSYCHIC FAIRE AND AURA PHOTOS began when we moved from Schaumburg, to our current location in Hoffman Estates in 1998. Some of our consultants have changed over the years, some leaving and returning, then moving away again. Many of our consultants are also teachers here at Styx and Stonz. Philip, Cass, Kelli, Novalla and Robyn, have been with us since 1998.
Psychic Fair Hours 11:30am - 5:00pm

A Little Information on Aura Photography

An Aura Photo is a picture of the energy that surrounds your body. The picture is produced by a special camera and computer that picks up your electro-magnetic field energy and conveys that information to film. Your aura can tell many things about you. The different colors translate into feelings, experiences, sensitivities. The different areas in which they appear can indicate what areas of your life that are impacted. And it's just plain fun!
Come on the Second Saturday or the Last Saturday and have a Aura Photo
taken and interpreted.

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